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How to Ship a Tennis Racquet

shipping a tennis racket

Shipping a tennis racquet is a pretty straight forward task.  All you need is a box, some bubble wrap, and packaging tape and it’s ready to go! A tennis racquet is a fairly sturdy item that can withstand the rough shipping process. However, you still want to pack it properly to prevent scratches. Here are some tips on how to properly pack and ship a tennis racquet.

Since you will not use any packing materials, any sturdy shipping box will do. There are boxes specially made for tennis racquets which you can get from most shipping supplies stores. You can also customize an existing box and just cut it to size to accommodate your tennis racquet.

When your box is ready, wrap the racquet in brown shipping paper and then with bubble wrap. Place the wrapped racquet into the box.  There’s no need for packing peanuts as long as the racquet fits snugly in the box and does not move around. If the box is a bit larger, you can use Styrofoam blocks as wedges to prevent it from shifting in the box.

Close the box and seal with packaging tape. Attach addresses and labels.  It’s a good idea to wrap the entire package with clear packaging tape.

Take the box to your local shipping company or post office.

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