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How to Ship Fresh Salmon

shipping fresh salmon

The best way to ship fresh fishes like salmon is by sending it frozen.  However, it must be properly frozen to avoid freezer burn and prevent the growth of bacteria. Salmon that is not properly frozen can develop a foul taste and smell, or worse, cause illnesses. Proper packing must also be observed to ensure that the fish arrives fresh and delicious.  Here are some tips on how to pack and ship fresh salmon.

Prepare the salmon for freezing by dipping it in a salt solution for one minute. The salt will prevent moisture from leaving the fresh salmon. It will also help the fish stay firm.

Wrap the salmon in plastic wrap and place it inside a resealable freezer bag. Press the air out the bag before sealing it.

Place the salmon in the coldest part of your freezer until frozen solid. Take the frozen salmon out of the freezer and put inside a Styrofoam box. Also put a frozen gel pack inside the box to keep the temperature down during shipment. Fill the Styrofoam box with packaging peanuts to prevent the wrapped salmon from moving around. Put the lid on and secure with packaging tape.

Take a sturdy shipping box that is big enough to accommodate the Styrofoam box. The best box is one where the Styrofoam box will fit perfectly.  If the Shipping box available is bigger, fill the spaces with packing materials to prevent the inner Styrofoam box from shifting.

Seal the box securely using packaging tape. Label the box with the recipient’s address and name. Also, label the box on all sides with lettering and stickers warning to “keep frozen.” Take to your local shipping company and pick the fastest option possible.

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