Proven Tips on How to Ship Homemade Soap

shipping homemade soap

You’ve started your small soap making business and want to send out samples to family and friends for trials or to ship the few orders you’ve received.  How should you do it? Here are simple tips on how to pack and ship homemade soaps.

Since soaps are fragile and could easily get out of shape, broken or chipped because of mishandling, they must be properly packed for shipping to ensure that they arrive in safe and perfect condition.

When shipping a bar or two of regular-sized soap bars, you can use padded envelopes.

Simply wrap the bar in bubble wrap and insert it in a custom made soap bar.

Place the box inside the padded envelope and mail.

A small padded envelope can accommodate a bar of soap and two for a medium-sized envelope.

For four bars, use a small flat rate box from the USPS.  Wrap each boxed bar of soap with bubble wrap and place it in the shipping box.  Use more bubble wrap to fill spaces to prevent the soaps from shifting.

For more bars of soap, use larger flat rate shipping boxes from the post office.

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