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How to Ship a Turntable

Ship a turntable

This article will provide tips on how to properly pack and ship a turntable.  This will be particularly helpful to DJs or any other individuals who are planning to ship their turntables, be it for selling, repair or any other reason.  The key to successfully shipping a fragile equipment such as a turntable is by packing it properly and ensuring that it is well padded to ensure that it survives the rough and bumpy shipping environment.

Carefully take out the arm and legs pf the turntable and other parts that can be removed such as the platter and weights.

Wrap each part individually , including the turntable itself, in several layers of bubble wrap. The bubble wrap will provide protection and serve as padding for the items.  Use packing tape to secure the wraps.

Get a sturdy cardboard box that can accommodate all the turntable parts.  Fill the bottom with a layer of packing peanuts. Lay the turntable on top of the peanuts and put another later of packing peanuts.  Lay another parts and layer again with peanuts until all items are inside the box is filled to the top with peanuts.

Make sure that all spaces is filled with peanuts such that the contents will not move when shaken.

Close the box and secure the flaps with several strips of packaging tape.

Address and label the package and take to a shipping company or post office.

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