How to ship scuba gear

Shipping Scuba Diving Gear

Scuba diving is an exciting and exhilarating hobby that allows you to view the wonderful world under the waters. Diving enthusiasts are always on the lookout for great diving sites to visit where ever it is located in the world. Some opt to just ship their diving gear to their destinations in advance to eliminate the hassles of lugging heavy suitcases filled with diving stuff in sea or airports.

If you are planning to ship your diving suits and other paraphernalia to your destination, here are some tips on how to pack and ship scuba gear to ensure that they arrive safely and in perfect condition.

This stuff is heavy and bulky. The key is to pack them all together neatly in one big utility container with a lid.

To save on space, place diving booties inside one fin and a mask inside the other fin.

Use a compression sack to pack a wetsuit. It is a bag used to store bulky items like a sleeping bag.  It has straps that when pulled compresses the contents of the content, thereby reducing the size.

Wrap regulator in a towel or shirts and encase it in the buoyancy compensator (BC) to give it extra padding.

Arrange the items inside the utility container and insert smaller accessories in spaces. Fill extra spaces with clothes that you are planning to take with you or packing peanuts to ensure that the contents will not shift during transit.

Place the container’s lid and lock the clasps.

Put the container inside in a slightly larger shipping box with a layer of packing peanuts in the bottom.  Fill empty spaces on the sides and top of the box with more packing peanuts.

Close the box and seal with packing tape.  Attach address and labels and bring to a shipping company.

Make sure to advise your hotel in your destination that you have a package coming and ask them to receive it on your behalf.

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