How to Ship Scorpions

Shipping scorpions

Scorpions are fast becoming popular pets.  They may not be great for handling, but they are quiet, clean, and easy to care for. They have a lifespan of 6-8 years and could thrive on insects and small lizards.  The only problem one could encounter when taking care of a scorpion is looking for a willing pet sitter.

Below is the ULTIMATE, fuzz-free instructional video on how to properly pack and ship scorpions.

Get several layers of paper towels and cut according to the size of the vial you will be used as a container.  Make sure that the bottom and sides will be lined with the towel with a bit of excess at the top.

Slightly dampen the paper towel using a spray bottle.  Line the insides of the vial with the moistened towel.  This will create a cozy space for the insect.

Carefully place the scorpion inside the vial lined with damp paper towels and fold the excess towel over the top of the container.

Place the lid of the vial making sure that the container is well-sealed.  The lid should have some ventilation holes on it.  Use a pointed object like a nail to make the small holes. Secure the lid with clear tape to ensure that it doesn’t pop off during transit.

Get an appropriate-sized box that can accommodate your vial/s and put a layer of shredded paper at the bottom. Lay the vial/s on the shredded paper and add more to fill up the box up to the top.  This will provide cushion and secure the vial/s in its/their positions. Bubble wrap and crumpled paper can also be used.

Close the box and secure it with packing tape.  Place appropriate address and shipping labels on it. Take the package to the post office and ship it.

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