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green shipping

Everything we do have impact on the environment, shipping included. But there are ways to reduce our carbon footprint when shipping items with some resourcefulness and common sense. Here are some green shipping tips that will help minimize your carbon footprint.

Recycle packaging and shipping materials. Don’t throw away shipping boxes and shipping materials when you received a package.  You can reuse air-filled bags, shredded paper, bubble wrap, plastic wrap, boxes and packing peanuts to ship items out to your customers, family or friends. Aside from reducing your costs, recycling these supplies will also help the environment.

Re-purpose items that are available in your home. Use old newspapers, plastic bags and Styrofoam blocks that come when you buy appliances, as packaging materials for your items.  Crumpled up newspaper is good for cushioning items in a box while plastic bags can be used to wrap items.

If you need to buy packaging materials, purchase those that are made from recycled products, biodegradable, CFC-less and made of renewable and recyclable materials.

Be socially-responsible and conscious of the environment’s needs. Always ship with the environment in mind.

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