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How to Ship a Personalized Wine Basket

shpping a wine basket

Sending a wine gift basket to friends or loved ones for a special occasion is a great idea.  Preparing the basket yourself will give it a personalized touch as you can include treats that you made yourself or add only those that you think the recipient will enjoy. Here is a simple guideline on how to ship a personalized wine basket.

Purchase all the wines and goodies that you want to include in the gift basket, as well as other items, such as a wine glass, basket, and fillers.

Pick a basket that is large enough to fit the items as well as the filler. Fillers can be practical such as a linen napkin, or decorative such as crumpled tissue paper or raffia.

Place a liner in the basket. Layer fillers at the bottom of the basket.  Arrange the wines, glasses, treats, fresh fruits, and snacks on the basket. Make sure to place the larger items at the back and smaller ones in front.

Cover the basket with a plastic gift-basket wrap, and tie with a ribbon.

Get a shipping box large enough to accommodate the basket and its contents.  Place the wine basket upright in the box and then fill the box with cushioning material such as packing peanuts or crumpled newspaper.

Label the package and bring it to the shipping center or post office to have it sent.

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