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How to Ship A Pinball Machine

how to ship a pinball

Due to its size, irregular shape and weight, it is not easy to ship a pinball machine.  But it can be done without much hitch if the following tips are followed.

Before packaging the machine for shipment, make sure that there are no loose items contained on or in the pinball machine such as balls, bulbs etc. Pack these loose items separately in a bag and securely seal.

Inspect the machine’s outward openings, latches and bolts and make sure that each are tightly closed or fitted to minimize movement during your machine’s trip. Remember that these loose objects can do damage during transit.

Take the actual measurements and dimensions of the machine.  This will give you an idea on the size of and how much packaging materials you would need.

To properly package a pinball machine, the following supplies are needed:
– Wooden Pallet (slightly larger than the pinball machine length and width)
– Several VERY large pieces of flat cardboard which can be folded around the machine
– Several medium to large sized pieces of thin, flat Styrofoam
– Large roll of plastic cling wrap.
– Shipping/packaging tape
– Sturdy rope or strap for attaching the machine to the pallet

Lay the machine down onto the pallet on top of your cardboard pieces. Be sure the pieces of cardboard are positioned to be folded around the machine. To be able to wrap the bottom of the machine later, place a couple of sturdy props between the machine and the pallet until packaging is complete. You would need some extra hands on this as the machine is quite heavy.

Before applying the cardboard, attach a piece of Styrofoam against the plunger handle to secure it. Then, begin folding the cardboard around the machine from each side and secure with tape. Once the first layer of cardboard is attached, wrap the entire machine in plastic and tape it.

Once your first layer is wrapped in plastic, place your larger pieces of Styrofoam against each side of the machine for additional padding. Form some additional cardboard around the top and sides of the machine again for extra protection. Once the new layer of cardboard is in place, wrap the entire machine in plastic again.

Use sturdy rope or plastic straps to secure the machine on the pallet. Strap the machine on all four sides and make sure the straps are tight and secure.

You can ask for help from your shipping company if you’re not comfortable with strapping the machine to the pallet yourself. This may be best if you’re inexperienced in this area.

Make you to attach the bag of loose parts on the package. Address and label the package and take to your shipping company or you can just have it picked up.




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