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How to Ship a Car via an Auto Transport Company

Ship a car via auto movers

Aside from boats and planes, you can also ship your car via big trucks that can carry around 10 cars. Here’s how to ship a car thru an auto transport company.

There are many auto transport companies around but you have to choose a reliable one with a very good reputation. Ask friends who has tried shipping cars across the country or look for auto movers online or in the white pages of a directory. Make a list and eliminate those that do not meet your criteria. Leave at least five companies to choose from and compare the services they offer, the charge, the amount of time and the feedback from past clients about the company.

Pick the best one that can provide the service that you require by inquiring about their services.  You can do this by talking to their customer care and asking questions then compare their answers. Ask about what kind of insurance they have and if they are a member of the department of transportation along with having a federal license. Always remember that a company that is registered and has all the papers will have no problem in presenting these documents. Look for an MC Number if the vehicle shipping company you chose is an auto transport broker.Do not forget to ask about all their hidden charges before letting them pick up your car.

Be wary of companies who offer cheap auto transport services because you cannot be sure of the quality service they have.

When you have decided on which company to hire, it is time to choose what type of manner to ship your car.You can either ship via Open Auto Transport or Enclosed Auto Transport. Enclosed carriers are best for fragile vehicles like vintage cars. If you are shipping an ordinary car, the open carrier will be just fine and way much cheaper.

Another thing to think about is the payment method. Auto movers Usually ask for deposits and the balance would be collected upon delivery. But you can also opt to pay in full which gives you the advantage of using a credit card. Be sure to keep all receipts and document it for security reasons.

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