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How to Ship Blue Cheese

How to Ship Blue Cheese

Blue cheese is characterized by its sharp and salty flavor, delicate texture and pungent odor caused by the mold and types of bacteria encouraged to grow on it.  Because of it’s temperature-sensitive nature, it must be packed properly and shipped using the fastest method possible. Here are some tips on how to properly pack and ship blue cheese.

Crumbled blue cheese have shorter shelf life than blue cheese blocks. Place crumbled blue cheese in an airtight food safe container and make sure the it is well-sealed. Wrap blocks of blue cheese in parchment paper and cover in plastic wrap. Place the wrapped block into your food safe container and close the lid.

Contact the recipient and ensure that someone will be home when the package arrives. Advise them to immediately refrigerate the blue cheese when it arrives.

Place the packed blue cheese into a sturdy cardboard shipping box that is big enough to accommodate the cheese container, packing peanuts and some ice gel packs. Arrange frozen gel freezer packs around the blue cheese and fill in any empty space with packing peanuts or bubble wrap. Seal the opening of your box and any seams with 2-inch packing tape.

Take the package to the shipping company and choose a shipping method that takes one to two days (any longer and your cheese may spoil). Complete the shipping label with your address and the address of your recipient. Pay for shipping and alert your recipient their blue cheese is on its way.

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