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Valuable and Helpful Tips When Shipping a Bookcase

shipping a bookcase

Bookcases can be bulky, heavy, oddly shaped, and, thus, difficult to ship.  However, shipping a bookcase can be simple and easy by preparing the bookcase appropriately and choosing the right shipment options and company carefully.

Get the measurements of the bookcase, particularly the length, width, and height. If possible, also get its weight. Inspect the bookshelf and take note of fragile or ornate features that will require special attention when preparing for shipment.

Go online or visit shipping stores in your area and compare rates. The measurements you got will be of great help to have an approximate idea on how much these companies will charge you on shipping.  Choose the one that meets your budget and services the location you are sending the bookcase to.

To prepare the bookcase for shipment, remove any pieces that are not permanently attached, like shelving and sliding glass doors. Wrap these pieces with bubble wrap or newspaper and secure with packing tape. These removable pieces can be secured inside of bookcase shelves or shipped separately, depending upon fragility and form.

Protect sharp edges on the bookcase with cardboard strips or bubble wrap. Place the wrapped removable pieces inside of shelves and fill empty spaces with packing peanuts. Cut cardboard pieces to the dimensions of all bookshelf sides. Tape the cardboard pieces around the bookshelf to protect the finish and enclose all removable pieces and packing peanuts.

Place the wrapped bookshelf inside of a shipping container or wrap further with bubble wrap or brown shipping paper. Address and label the packed bookcase.

Schedule the shipment with your preferred carrier. Designate ship-to and ship-from addresses, shipping time, and desired insurance amount. Drop off the bookcase at the shipper’s location.  You can also opt to have it picked up by the shipping company but be prepared to pay for pick up charges.

Track the bookcase shipment using the information provided by the carrier. Examine the bookcase upon arrival at the destination for any damage or missing pieces and file insurance claims as necessary.

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