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How to ship organic fruits

How to Ship Organic Fruits

Organic fruits are not exposed to synthetic pesticides and chemical fertilizers, making them healthier food choices and friendly to the environment.  Sending a boxful of organic fruits, whether they come from your own garden or a local farmer’s market, is an excellent gift idea for friends and family. Here’s a practical guide on how to pack and ship organic fruits to ensure that they arrive fresh, free from damage and delicious.

Wipe each fruit with a paper towel and make sure that it is free from moisture. Wrap each piece of fruit individually in bubble wrap, use clear tape to secure.

Take some foam padding and cut to size to cover a shipping box’s inner sides. Use glue to adhere the foam to the box.  Padding is important especially if you are shipping soft fruits that bruise easily like pears and mangoes.

Arrange the wrapped fruits in the box, separating each piece with a square of cardboard. Cover the top of the fruit with a piece of wax paper.

Take a pack of dry ice and wrap it in aluminum foil. Tape it on top of the box. Make sure the aluminum foil is very secure.

Wrap the cardboard box containing the fruit in packing paper and firmly secure it with tape. Repeat the process to ensure that the packing paper covering is not damaged during shipping.

Attach destination and return addresses on the box and label the package so that it is clear that dry ice and perishable food items are contained within.

Take the package to the post office and fill out any necessary forms for shipping fruit within or outside the state.

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