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How to Ship a LCD TV

shipping a LCD TV

Because it is fragile, LCD TVs require plenty of cushioning when being packed for shipping to prevent breakage. It is best to ship an LCD TV in the box it came with along with the Styrofoam inserts from the manufacturers which will help protect the TV and hold it in place while in transit. In case the original packaging is not available, there are simple alternatives to packaging your LCD so it will arrive in one piece. Here’s how to properly pack and ship an LCD TV.

Prepare a box that is big enough to accommodate the LCD television with extra space left for cushioning materials. Most shipping supply stores carry boxes that can accommodate LCD TVs of all sizes.

Wrap the LCD TV in a moving blanket, or an old quilt or comforter. This will serve as a layer of protection to the device. Secure the blanket with tape, if necessary.

Cover the TV with a couple of layers of bubble wrap. Cut to size a Masonite board and place it in front of the LCD screen.  Secure with tape and cover with more plastic wrap or bubble wrap. Ensure that the LCD TV will fit into the box with the additional width of the blanket and bubble wrap.

Gently place the TV inside the box. Place some Styrofoam blocks on the sides of the TV if necessary. These will ensure that the TV doesn’t move during transit. Fill remaining spaces with packing peanuts.

Close the box and seal with packing tape. Attach addresses and labels like “Fragile” and “Handle with Care.” Take the package to your trusted shipping company.

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