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How to Ship a Massage Table

shipping a massage bed

Because of its size and weight, shipping a massage table may seem like a difficult task.  However, appropriate packaging will ensure that a massage table arrives safely in its destination and in excellent condition. Here are simple tips when shipping a massage table.

Choose a shipping service that meets your requirements. Go online and look for shipping companies that service your area and the destination of your shipment. You might want to consider the shipping rates, insurance options, and package tracking capabilities before deciding on a service.

Depending on the type, fold or disassemble your massage table to make it easier to pack and handle. Wrap each disassembled parts with bubble wrap and place in a resealable bag.

After the items are wrapped put the pieces into boxes. Make sure to save screws and other pieces needed to reassemble the table in small plastic bags. It’s a good idea to label these parts so it will be easier for re-assembly.

If you have no time to pack the massage table yourself, you can take it to the shipping center, and the staff will help you with the packaging process.

After all parts of the massage table are already in the box, close the box and seal with packaging tape.  Place the destination and return addresses on two sides of the box. Make sure that the destination address is correct to prevent any errors or delays in shipping.

Take the package to your local shipping center or schedule a time for your chosen shipping service to pick up the item from your home or business.

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