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How to Ship a Surfboard

shipping a surfboard

Surfboards are fragile.  If not handled properly, they can get scratched easily and the keels may break.  Surfboards are also sensitive to extreme heat. Most materials composing this board may lose resistance, may bleach or, even, melt. Thus, proper packing must be observed when shipping a surfboard.  Here’s how to ship a surfboard and ensure that it arrives intact in one piece and in perfect condition.

Purchase a shipping box that has roughly the same dimensions as the surfboard with extra space for packing materials.

Remove the fins and wrap the entire board in bubble wrap.  Use packing tape to secure the wrap on the board. Never attempt to ship surfboards without bubble wrap.

Get some extra cardboard and cut to the same length as the board and tape these strips to the rails of the board. Next, cut blocks of cardboard in the shape of the nose and tail. Tape these pieces to the nose and tail of the board and add extra bubble wrap to this area. These cardboard strips will help you ship surfboards with minimal damage.

Gently place the wrapped surfboard into the box. It should not move or shift around once inside the box. In case it does, fill empty spaces with more bubble wrap until the board stays in place even when the box is shaken.

Take the fins and cover with bubble wrap, using packing tape to secure.  Place the fins in the box and secure with tape to prevent movement and avoid rubbing against the board.

Close the box and seal with packaging tape.  Attach the receiver’s and return addresses on the outside of the box. Also, attach “Fragile” stickers on the package.

Take the package to the shipping company of your choice.  The size and weight of the board along with the destination and how fast you want it delivered will affect your shipping costs.

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