Guidelines on Packing and Shipping Liquid Toiletries

How to Ship Liquid Toiletries Liquid toiletries such as shampoo, hair conditioner, lotion, skin toners, body wash, and mouth wash are some of the most frequently shipped items. However, being in liquid form make them susceptible to leaks which can lead to damage or delays in delivery.

A package with leaking material can be discarded by a shipping personnel to prevent it from damaging other packages. Hence, it is important to properly pack liquid toiletries to avoid such shipping problems. Here are some tips on how to properly pack and ship liquid toiletries.

The key to successful shipping is to ensure that your items are well packed to survive the harsh environment during transit. Bear in mind that a package will encounter falls, bumps and rough handling during the shipping process so make sure that every container of liquid toiletries is well-sealed from leaks, immobile to prevent collisions with each other and cushioned from any form of impact.

Before packing, make sure that each toiletry container have no holes or leaks and double check that caps and covers are tightly sealed. You may shrink wrap or tape the caps to ensure that they will not pop open during transit.

If shipping a single container of liquid toiletry, wrap it in bubble wrap before packing in a sturdy shipping box. Fill all spaces with packing materials such as crumpled paper and bubble wrap until the item cannot move around when the box is closed. Seal the package with packaging tape.

For packages containing multiple items, wrap each product with layers of  bubble wrap to help eliminate the risk of breakages due collision during handling and transit. Place the items inside the box with fillers in between. Make sure the items are arranged such that each one is securely nestled in packaging materials on all sides, preventing them from moving.

Close the box and seal all seams and openings with packaging tape. Attach address and labels. Take the package to your local post office or preferred carrier.

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