Guide to Shipping Vintage Items

Guide to Shipping Vintage Items There is a huge demand for vintage items. Whether clothing, toys, electronics, jewelry, furniture and home-ware, there will always be someone who is on the lookout for these items to add to or complete his/her collection. Many enterprising individuals has taken advantage of the clamor for vintage objects by selling or auctioning their old but still valuable things. Apart from making extra money from their old stuff, they also de-clutter their homes in the process.

Being old and worn, vintage items are usually fragile and require extra care when handling and transporting to keeps its condition and prevent any damage during transit. Here are some tips on how to properly pack and ship vintage items.

Depending on the size of your vintage item, determine which packaging is best for it. Small items can be packaged in boxes while larger objects such as furniture can be palletized. Either way, the items must be properly covered and padded for protection and secured in the center of its container by filling all sides, top and bottom with appropriate packing materials.

Double-boxing is the best way to pack a small, fragile vintage item. Wrap the item first in bubble wrap then place it in a box and fill empty spaces with packing materials to prevent movement.Close, seal and place the box in a bigger box, putting fillers between the two boxes so the small box does not move around. Shake the box to ensure that nothing moves inside.

When shipping in a crate or pallet, make sure that the item is secured to the container with ties or ven screws (for massive items like furniture). All parts must also be padded or cushioned to protect against damage due to falls, bumps and scratches. Plastic wrap or shrink wrapping the entire shipment is a great way to protect and secure the item.

As vintage items can get highly collectible, their values can get astonishingly exorbitant. To cover yourself in the off chance that a package will get lost or damaged in transit, insurance is a must.

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