Guide: Packing and Shipping Knitted Stuffed Toys

Shipping Knitted Stuffed Toys

Crocheted or knitted stuffed toy, more popularly known as Amigurumi, is a popular craft which uses knitting or crocheting techniques to create a stuffed toy. Amigurumi are typically cute renderings of animals, but can also include popular personalities, cartoon characters, and other inanimate objects.

Using patterns widely available online and among hobbyists, an amigurumi doll is made by knitting or crocheting yarn to make the different parts, filling them with polyester or cotton stuffing and sewing the parts together. Details such as eyes and other embellishments are then added to complete the toy.

Popular among kids and adult collectors alike, these knitted stuffed toys have become a craze since being introduced in Japan in the early 2000s. In fact, amigurumi were among the most popular items on the online craft marketplace Etsy.

Amigurumi come in different sizes, from small trinkets to pillow style stuffed animals. They are usually light-weight and does not contain breakable components. These make them relatively easy and affordable to transport. Here are some tips on how to properly pack and ship knitted stuffed toys.

Wrap the amigurumi in a plastic bag then cover with bubble wrap. This will protect the toy from the elements such as moisture and dirt as well as provide cushioning for any breakable elements such as plastic eyes and noses.

Choose an appropriate-sized shipping box. Whether sending a single amigurumi or several pieces in one package, choose a box that is large enough to accommodate all the items without forcing them into the box. Compressing items in a box can ruin the toys’ form or create permanent and unsightly damage.

Line the inside of the box with bubble wrap. This will provide extra protection in case the box gets punctured during transit. Place the toy in the center of the box and fill all sides with packing materials. If sending several pieces, arrange the stuffed toys in the box, with bigger ones at the bottom of the box while the smaller ones on top. This will prevent the bigger ones from crushing and deforming the smaller ones. Fill empty spaces with packing materials such as bubble wrap, shredded paper of packing peanuts, to prevent the items from shifting during transport.

Close the box and seal with packing tape. Address and label the package and take it to the post office or shipping company of your choice and pay for the option that fits your delivery requirement and budget.

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