What You Need to Know When Shipping a Boat Compass

How to ship a boat compass

Despite the advent of electronic navigation devices, the magnetic boat compass remains an important navigational seafaring tool. Apart from providing real-time heading and straight-line steering, the advantage of a compass over modern navigation instruments is it works without power and, thus, more reliable in all situations.

Just like any other boat instrument, the compass can suffer from wear and tear and must be transported for repairs. If you are planning to send a boat compass to the manufacturer or a service center for repairs, here are tips on how to ship a boat compass.

Examine the compass to ensure that all necessary structural parts are sent with the unit. Include parts such as mounting bezels as these may be necessary for the instrument to work properly.

A leaking compass must be drained before packing and wrapped with an absorbent material so that any leaking fluid does not damage the shipping box.

Select a carton box that is sturdy enough to withstand any shipping abuse.

Pack at least 3 to 4 inches of padding all around the compass to prevent movement and avoid further damage.

If you are returning a product for repair, include a note inside the box with such information as your name, address where the unit should be shipped back to and any description of what you would like done on the unit. If eligible for a warranty, specify the purchase date and copy of the invoice.

Close and seal the box with packaging tape, making sure all seams are properly reinforced and will not burst open during transit. Address and label the package and take to the post office or shipping company.

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