Helpful Guide When Shipping Heavy Items

How to Ship Heavy Items Heavy items, such as those made from solid wood and metal, are some of the most difficult things to ship. Because of their weights, heavy stuff require a stronger container and packing materials that can provide both cushioning and support.

While packing peanuts may be enough to protect fragile but light-weight items, they may get crushed or let heavy objects settle in the bottom of the box. A strong box that can withstand the item’s weight as well as the rough shipping environment is also important to prevent damage during transit. Here are some tips on how to go about shipping heavy items.

Select a box that is strong enough to carry the weight of the item. Brand new boxes are ideal as previously used ones may have already lost their integrity and cannot provide sufficient protection. For some extra heavy items, it is best to ship them in pallets or wooden crates.

Cover any fragile parts of the item (i.e. handles, corners, edges,protruding parts, etc.) with layers of bubble wrap to protect them in case of falls or any form of impact.

Cut to size thick Styrofoam and line the bottom and sides of the box. The Styrofoam should suspend the heavy item and keep it in the center of the box, away from the sides, top and bottom of the box. Don’t forget to place Styrofoam pads on top of the package as well before sealing the box closed.

Make sure that all empty spaces are filled up and the item doesn’t move around in the box. Otherwise, add more fillers before closing and sealing the package.

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