Common Shipping Problems and How to Deal with Them

Shipping Mistakes Not all shipments are delivered without any glitch. There are times when shipments encounter “accidents” and errors that can lead to delayed delivery, lost items or, God forbid, damaged goods. Here are some troubleshooting techniques in case a shipment go awry.

Problem: The Package Has Not Arrived
This could be caused by several factors including mislabeled package with wrong address and incorrect postage. To avoid such hassles, make sure to label your package with accurate recipient’s address as well as sender’s address.  It is also a good idea to insert a piece of paper with both addresses inside the package in case the outside label is damaged.

Also make sure that any labels from previous shipments are removed when re-using a shipping box. Old labels can lead to confusion among shipping personnel or provide wrong information to automated scanning machines, that can lead to your package going to a wrong destination.

Pay for the correct postage. The post office staff are humans and thus, can make a mistake and charge less. Make sure that you are correctly charged to prevent your shipment from going to the wrong place.

Problem: The Item Arrived Damaged
This could be entirely your fault for not packing your item properly. If you had it packed by you carrier, you can claim for damages. To avoid such expensive consequences, always use enough foam peanuts or packing materials when shipping fragile items. Don’t send out a package unless you are absolutely sure that the item inside can survive the falls and rough handling during transit.

Paying for extra insurance for high value items is also a great idea to cover costs should your package go missing or get damaged.

Problem: Something Was Missing in the Package
If it was you who forgot to include an item in the package, you have no choice but to send the missing goods out right away and notify your recipient immediately.

In case it was someone else’s mistake, like an item got misplaced during a customs inspection, call the post office or your carrier and let them know.

Taking photos of the insides of your package before shipping can serve as evidence in case your package was tampered with and items were taken deliberately.

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