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7 Important Tips on Shipping Fresh Peaches

How to ship fresh peaches

Peaches are versatile fruits that can be enjoyed as is or as ingredients to classic desserts like Peach Cobbler and Peach Melba. Shipping peaches is easy as long as proper precautions are followed in packing and shipping the fruits.  Here are some important considerations when shipping peaches to ensure that they arrive fresh and delectable.

1. Before sending peaches, make sure that the destination allows the shipping of the fruits. Restrictions and regulations are enforced by the U.S. Department of Agriculture on the interstate shipping of some fruits and vegetables to protect against the spread of bug infestation or plant disease. Do the same when shipping the peaches abroad. You can get information on this information through your shipping company, Alternatively, you can research online.

2. Fill the bottom of a box with straw packing material or shredded paper.  Place the peaches inside the box.  Make sure that you wiped the fruits dry before packing.  Moisture can promote bacterial growth and could cause rotting. Also, remove peaches that are already overripe.

3. Put a layer of packing material in between fruits when stacking them together in the box but don’t pack them closely to prevent them from bumping each other and getting bruised.

4. Fill the remaining spaces in the box with more packing materials to prevent the contents from shifting. Close the box and seal with packaging tape.

5. Place the package inside a slightly bigger shipping box. Fill the empty spaces with packing material.  Close the box and secure it with packing tape.  Also, tape the bottom of the box for added protection.

6. Address and label the box with “perishable” using a permanent marker.

7. Take the package to a shipping company or post office and pick the quickest shipping option possible. If possible, alert the recipient of the impending delivery.

Note: Never ship fresh fruits or other highly perishable items close to the weekend or a holiday.

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