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How To Ship a Hot Tub

how to ship a hot tub

Because of their unusual size and weight, shipping hot tubs can get a little difficult. It is best to contact a reputable shipping or moving company when transporting a hot tub or any other large items to ensure that they arrive on time and in good condition. Here are some tips on how to ship a hot tub and save time and money in the process.

1. Check your local yellow pages or go online and look for moving or shipping companies that service your area.  Pick several companies that specialize in moving large items from one place to another and compare their rates. Pick the one that meets your shipping requirement and budget and arrange for pickup.

2. Prepare the hot tub for shipping by draining any water and cleaning it thoroughly.

3. Most shipping companies will take care of wrapping the hot tub in foam or clear plastic to prevent cracking or chipping during transport. They will also protect the electrical components at the back of the hot tub with cardboard sheets.

4. The moving staff will then place the hot tub onto a pallet for easy handling. Because of the weight of the item, several people are needed to place it into the pallet. Heavy equipment are sometimes employed to lift the tub onto the pallet.

5. For added protection, shrink wrap is used to secure the tub to the pallet.

6. The moving staff will then carefully place the hot tub onto a flat bed truck or moving truck.

7. Lastly, ropes and ties will be used to make sure the tub won’t move around during transport.

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