How to ship dentures for repair

how to ship Dentures

You need to ship your dentures for repairs? It’s easy! Just follow the tips below¬† on how to properly pack and ship dentures to ensure that they arrive safely and does not incur any more damage.

Get a denture box to serve as your shipping container. These are made with strong sturdy plastic that are usually available at drugstores.

If a denture box is not available, place your choppers into a Ziploc bag and wrap it in bubble wrap. Place the wrapped Ziploc bag into a small shipping box, filled with more bubble wrap or crumpled packing paper just so the contents do not move around. Close the box and seal with packaging tape.

You can send the package using any shipping method you like, but you can save a lot by using the USPS. Mail the denture box or wrapped Ziploc bag using a Flat Rate Express Mailer Envelope.

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