How to Ship Candles

shipping candles

Candles are sensitive to light and will fade with prolonged exposure to any kind of light. Excessive heat will also weaken the surface and can make the candle warp or even melt. These characteristics make shipping fragile candles a tedious task.  But when you know the proper way to pack candles for shipping, sending them anywhere in the world is just a breeze.  Here are practical tips on how to properly pack and ship candles so they arrive in perfect condition.

Ship candles in the boxes they came in, just make sure that they don’t move around when the box is shaken by inserting bubble wrap to fill empty space.  If the original boxes are not available, wrap each candle in tissue paper and wrap a bundle with bubble wrap secured with tape.

Place the boxed or wrapped candles in a bigger shipping box lined with a couple of inches of packaging peanuts. Fill the box with more packing materials so that the contents will not move around when the box is closed and shaken gently.

Label and address the package.  Aside from “Fragile,” also put “Keep Away from Sunlight” on the box. Take it to your shipping company of choice of the post office.

Keep the package away from direct sunlight or any source of heat. It may also help if you ship at the beginning of the week, Monday or Tuesday, so the candles don’t have to sit in the truck over a weekend.

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