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How to Ship Items to the Philippines?

Ship Items to the Philippines

Sending items to the Philippines is easy with the help of forwarders and shipping companies  which specialize in sending Balikbayan boxes. Because it is customary for Filipinos working and living abroad to send gifts back to home, these forwarders makes the task easier and hassle-free by delivering the package right at the recipient’s doorstep! Here are practical tips on how to ship items to the Philippines.

Go online and search for Balikabayan box companies that service your area.  You can get Balikbayan boxes from these companies or use any sturdy cardboard box. Balikbayan boxes are no different from ordinary shipping boxes except that they have the word “Balikbayan” printed on them. Balikbayan boxes comes in different sizes but are generally large, meant for packing a large amount of goods.

Start packing your boxes with your goods. The trick is to pack the box with as many stuff as possible. Just don’t make it too heavy to haul. No need for bubble wrap or any packaging materials. Just use the other stuff like clothing, linens or towels that are part of the package to wrap and protect the breakable ones. When done, close the box up with packing tape.

The same rules for shipping apply in sending Balikbayan boxes. If you are sending something fragile, make sure that it is well cushioned. Don’t mail anything that is perishable, explosive, hazardous, leaking, or may break open and ruin everything else in the box. Never attempt to sneak in illicit drugs, live animals, or weapons. Think twice before sending stuff that are too valuable, shipping these boxes comes in several segments and the box will come in contact with many people along the way.

Only use forwarders that are accredited by both US and Philippines agencies. Remember that cheap doesn’t necessarily mean the best service. The advantage of Balikbayan box companies over international shipping companies like FedEx and UPS is that they are more familiar with the terrain and thus, know how to get the package to where it is destined and could cost less.

You may schedule a pickup or take them to the shipping counter. Either way you’ll need to provide address information and perhaps fill out a shipping label or two. When sending a Balikbayan box, be aware that it may take weeks for your package to get to its destination, even longer around the Christmas holidays. Therefore, plan to send your items far ahead of the time they need to be there to allow for normal shipping time and any delays.

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