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How to ship CDs via mail

Ship cd

CDs are fragile items that could easily get scratched or broken if not properly handled.  Shipping CDs can be a nightmare but if done the right way, you can be assured that they will arrive pristine and in perfect condition.  Here are simple tips on how to ship CDs through the mail safely.

Do not mail your CDs in a regular envelope.  Instead, use bubble wrap envelopes which will protect your items against breakage. Bubble wrap envelopes are available at the post office or in some office supply shops.

Use a box to ship your CDs. Using boxes is the best way to ship CDs especially if you are sending several pieces to one recipient. Get a box that is about double the size of the CD’s and wrap the CD with newspaper, bubble wrap or brown wrapping paper. Put down a few pieces of paper first and then place the CD’s on it and then pack it in with even more paper or bubble wrap. Make sure that all the extra paper is put in there firmly to keep the CD safe during shipping.

Use a CD jewel case to ship your CDs. Jewel cases, or those hard plastic cases that CDs usually come with, will ensure that your items are safe during shipping.

Send CD’s First Class mail. This is the fastest and the best way to send CDs via mail. It lessens the time for your CDs to be exposed to all sorts of stresses of shipping that could cause damage to the items.

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