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How to ship a golf club

shipping golf clubs

Shipping a golf club via the mail requires a bit more effort than sending a letter or magazine. A golf club must be properly packaged to protect it against the stresses it may encounter during shipping. Here are a few tips on how to properly pack and ship a golf club through the mail.

Get a long and shallow box that could accommodate your golf club.  Some shipping supplies companies offer boxes specifically for shipping golf clubs.  The boxes come in two sizes: one for single clubs and another one for sets. You can look for these companies online. You can also ask your local golf courses or golf stores for boxes. They receive club shipments on a regular basis and may be willing to give you boxes for little or no cost at all.

Wrap the golf club/s with packaging materials.  You can use bubble wrap, shrink wrap, foam pellets, or even towels that can be used to protect the club during shipping.

Close the box and seal with packaging tape.

Address the package and take to your local post office or shipping service.

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