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How to Ship a Kayak

shipping a kayak

Water sports, such as kayaking, have become very popular activities. Many health benefits can be derived from kayaking which includes weight loss and stress reduction. Some individuals were so hooked with the sport that they have invested in their own kayak. However, like many other outdoor sports, excellent kayaking conditions may not be right at your front door and may require travel. It may seem like a daunting task but shipping your kayak is not that difficult.  By following these tips on how to ship a kayak, you can be sure to be paddling your own kayak in the destination of your choice without the hassles.

First, determine the dimensional weight of your boat in pounds by multiplying the length by the width and height and then dividing the product by 194 ({L x W x H}/194). The resulting number is the pounds dimensional weight, which will be necessary to calculate the cost per pound for shipping.

Choose a freight forwarding or cargo shipping company that will accept the size and dimensional weight of your boat. Since major shipping companies such as UPS, Federal Express and even the United States Postal Service cannot handle huge items such as a kayak, look for freight forwarding or cargo shipping company that will accept the size and dimensional weight of your boat. Companies like Pilot Air, Forward Air, and Freightquote would be great options. Some airlines can also take your kayak as cargo, depending on its size and your destination.

Protect your kayak by wrapping it with bubble wrap. A cockpit cover along with lots of bubble wrap may be your best bet.

Leave the packaging open and accessible if you are using an airline to ship your kayak. Your boat will need to be searched prior to loading. It is now Transportation and Security Administration regulation that 100% of all domestic cargo (as well as passenger luggage) be screened. Bring a tape gun with you to finish sealing after inspection. For other shipping options, it is okay to seal your packaging materials.

Call your chosen shipping company to arrange pickup time and location for the kayak.

If you want to save on costs, you can drop off your kayak at a shipping terminal rather than having it picked up at your home. Likewise, you can cut costs by picking it up at a terminal rather than having it delivered to a final destination.

Always be sure to get a tracking number for your shipment. It may be wise to purchase insurance on your shipment as well, depending on your boat’s value and how far it has to travel.

If shipping your kayak overseas, be ready for additional taxes, customs duties, and potential broker fees.

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