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How to Ship a King-Size Bed

shipping a king-size bed

A king-size bed is one massive piece of furniture so don’t think shipping it is an easy task. It will need a bit of elbow grease to get that huge furniture packed and ready for shipping.  Here are helpful tips on how to ship a king-size bed.

Disassemble your bed into its component parts and put all screws, nuts, bolts, and washers into the Ziploc bag.

Flatten out several cardboard boxes and use these to wrap the entire headboard with. Use packaging tape to secure the cardboard pieces, making sure to tape only on the boxes as the tape’s adhesive may mar the finish if applied directly to the headboard.

Get eight to ten sheets of newspaper and fold until they are about the size of a hardbound book. Make four of this bundle and use to wrap the four corners of your headboard.  Use packaging tape to secure it in place. If your headboard design has the four corners, do this for every corner of the headboard.

Do the same with the footboard.

Lay the bed runners (the long, thin pieces where the mattress actually rested on) side by side and wrap together with eight to ten layers of newspaper.  Secure with packaging tape. In case the runners are made of finished wood you may want to wrap them individually first then as a bundle to prevent scratching during the move.

Call your shipping company and arrange for a pick-up. With a package as huge as this, moving and taking it to the shipping office on your own is not a good idea.

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