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How to Ship Antique Dolls

ship antique dolls

Antique dolls are collectible and can be quite valuable. If you are shipping your antique dolls to a buyer or a loved one, the following guideline can help ensure that your precious doll arrives in perfect condition and ready to be admired and appreciated.

Use a shipping box that can accommodate your doll, with 3 to 4 extra inches on all sides.

Wrap the doll carefully in bubble wrap, paying special attention to the extremities – head, hands and feet. Depending on how fragile the doll is, you may want to wrap the hands and feet separately before wrapping them with the body.

Layer a 3- to 4-inch packing peanuts at the bottom of the box. Place the doll carefully on the peanuts.

Fill the empty spaces with additional peanuts all the way to the top of the box.

Place a copy of your return address and the recipient’s name and address inside the box, just in case the outer label were destroyed and the package needs to be opened.

Seal and secure the box using packaging tape.  Place address and labels on the box.

Take the package to the post office or your trusted courier for shipping.  Make sure to fill out all necessary forms for insurance (and customs, if applicable). Don’t forget to ask for an approximate arrival date so that you can let the recipient know when the package will arrive.


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