How to ship fruits and vegetables

How to Ship Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Some U.S. states prohibit the shipment of certain fruits and vegetables to avoid the risk of spreading disease and insect pests. However, this ban does not cover all fruits and vegetables. It is best to inquire first at your local USPS office if it is illegal to ship fresh fruits and vegetables to your desired destination before sending your produce. Here are helpful tips on how to ship fresh vegetables and fruits.

Ship fruits and vegetables that have no bug bites or soft spots. Since it will take some time to ship produce, overly ripe or bug bitten items may rot or damage while in transit. Choose fruits and vegetables that are just starting to ripen, to allow the recipient to receive the freshest produce possible.

Wrap each piece of fruit individually in bubble wrap. The wrap will prevent produce from getting bruised in case the bump with each other while shipping.

Layer the bottom of the shipping box with shipping foam. This will prevent damage to the produce if dropped. Place the produce on top of the foam and fill the rest of the box with packing peanuts.

Seal the box with packaging tape, take to the USPS and choose the fastest shipping method to ensure that your produce will arrive fresh.

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