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How to Ship Coins in the Mail

Ship Coins

Coin collecting is a popular hobby among many individuals. For some, it is just a non-profit pastime but can also be a lucrative sideline to others. Some coins, especially the rare ones or those made from precious metals, can be very valuable over time, making them more than just part of a collection but also good investments.

Coin collectors and traders can easily ship coins via mail or other carriers because of their small sizes. However, they should be properly packaged to ensure that they arrive safely and promptly at their destination. Here are some tips on how to ship coins via registered mail, an economical and safe means of sending valuable items.

Know the value of your gold coins before you go to the post office. This is important to give you an idea of how much insurance you should buy for the package. You can go to an established coin dealer for appraisal or you can research on the Internet to see what the current value of your coin.

Get some Flat Rate Priority Mail boxes at the post office or you can order them at the USPS website. These shipping materials are free of charge. The USPS’ Flat Rate Priority Mail service allows you to ship anything to anywhere and pay only a fixed rate (depends of the size of the box used) as long as the item fits into the box and does not weigh over 70 pounds. Other options, such as First Class Mail, is charged according to package weight and destination, making Flat Rate Priority Mail a more cost-efficient option.

When you have all the shipping materials, start packing the coins. Place each coin securely in a coin holder or coin protector. Avoid handling the coins with bare hands and only hold them by the edges as much as possible to prevent accidental scratches and damage from skin oils. Wrap the coin holders or coin protectors in bubble wrap and secure with tape.

Place the wrapped coins into a Flat Rate box. Remember to use the appropriate sized box for your coins. The bigger the box you’ll use, the higher rate you’ll pay. Prevent the cions from moving inside the box by filling empty spaces with packing materials such as bubble wrap, packing peanuts ot shredded paper. Close the box and secure with packing tape.

Write the recipient’s name and address in the designated spot on the box as legibly as possible using a black permanent marker. Don’t forget to write your name and return address in the upper left corner of the box. Do not write anything that will indicate the contents of the package such as “gold coins” or “valuable” on the outside of the package to help prevent theft.

Take the package to the post office and pay for the package. Ask for Delivery Confirmation and Insurance, along with the Registered Mail option. These extra services will ensure that the coins arrive safely.

Keep all shipping documents which is needed to track and verify delivery. They will also be necessary when making a claim for loss or damages.

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