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Tracking Your Shipment: How to Sort Out Lost, Delayed or Undelivered Packages

Tracking Your Shipment

The shipping process is not complete until the package safely reaches its destination.  However, there are instances when packages get lost due to accidents and inevitable circumstances brought about by mistakes committed by either the sender or the shipping company.

Some of the most common causes of loss or delivery delays are incomplete, illegible or destroyed destination addresses on packages, improper packing of items and insufficient postage.  Packages with address issues can be returned to the sender, that is if the sender was able to provide his address. Otherwise, the package may sit in warehouse until the issue is sorted out.

These issues can be prevented if the sender made sure that everything is in order before the package is sent out. If he did and the package is still missing in action after its expected date of arrival, the shipper might be the one to blame. In such cases, here are some tips on tracking your shipment and sorting out package loss, delivery delays and other shipping issues.

Only use carriers or shipping companies that offer tracking services. Knowing the where-about of your package not only give peace of mind, it can also make the retrieval process easier in the event the package gets lost. This service comes free for some carriers but others charge extra for trackability.

Most carriers provide online tracking systems in their websites. All you need is to provide the tracking number and pertinent information about the location of the package will be shown.  Sometimes, the package you are waiting for is already right under your nose and was left by the delivery guys in some area outside your home or building when nobody answered the door when they arrived. Read tracking information carefully as it may have clues and extra details about where the package was left. Entries can be very detailed but some may need deciphering such as “CHECK TREE” and “BNTH WDW” which means the package could be left in a tree in your front yard or in a window sill of your building.

If the online tracking system does not provide sufficient information, call the carrier and ask for details. They should have additional information available to them, beyond what’s reported in the tracking system. Most carriers have toll free 1-800 numbers posted in their websites.

Another way to locate a shipment that is long overdue is  to visit the package recipient’s local office yourself. Your package might be sitting in the warehouse yet to be delivered for God knows when. If you are the recipient, you can take the package with you but you might need to show a valid ID with your home address in it as well as other shipping documents.

If you’ve done everything and your package remains missing, file a claim. The shipping company should take responsibility for the loss of your package.

Never do business with a carrier that causes package loss or delivery issues ever again or do not provide ways for tracking your shipment. Nobody should experience the hassles of losing a package for a second time.

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