How to Ship a Bowling Ball

shipping bowling ball

Packing a bowling ball and preparing it for shipping is very important to get the ball safely to its destination. Despite its odd shape and weight, shipping bowling balls is easy if you know which steps to follow. Here are some useful tips on how to pack and ship a bowling ball.

Take the bowling ball and bubble wrap with the bubbles facing inward. Use Scotch tape to secure the wrap making sure that the entire ball is covered.

Place the wrapped bowling ball into a cardboard shipping box that leaves very little space for the ball to move. Seal the box with packaging tape.

Take another slightly larger cardboard box and place the packaged ball inside. Fill any empty space with pieces of packing foam and seal the second box with Scotch tape.

Take the package to your local shipping office. Address the box and fill out the destination information and pay the necessary shipping fees.

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