How to Ship a Grandfather Clock

How to ship a grandfather clock

Grandfather clocks are massive and fragile furniture pieces that require proper preparation and packaging for shipping. Below is an easy-to-follow guideline on how to ship a grandfather clock.

Call your shipping company and set an appointment for them to crate and ship the grandfather clock. You can bubble wrap the clock yourself but shipping company can do this for you.  It is best to leave the task to the shipping company. They are professionals with extensive experience in preparing, crating, and shipping huge items such as a grandfather clock.  It also saves you the tedious task of lifting the heavy clock and avoid unnecessary mishaps.

In case you want to package the clock yourself, measure it to have an idea of how much bubble wrap and foam you will need to purchase. These packing materials can be purchased online and at shipping stores. Measure the clock, and add several inches to the size of the grandfather clock to purchase enough material to properly cover the tops of the clock.

Take out the pendulum of the clock, and secure the timing mechanism and pendulum, as they are both connected. To secure the pendulum and timing mechanism, take a 2-inch piece of bubble wrap or foam and cut a 1-inch slice down the center of the piece, and fit the timing mechanism securely. This can be placed in a separate crate to be shipped, or allow the shipping company to package in a crate to be shipped.

Use a large piece of bubble wrap/foam and begin wrapping around the bottom of the grandfather clock. You may have to overlap the bubble wrap pieces, depending on the grandfather clock’s size, to secure the wrap around the clock. Use tape to secure the wrap as you continue to wrap pieces around the clock, until you reach the head of the grandfather clock. Take more bubble wrap and secure around the head. Use nylon bands to secure around the top, middle, and bottom of the grandfather clock for extra security.

Add extra bubble wrap to the top and bottom of the clock. This will keep the clock extra secure when the shipping company picks up the grandfather clock.

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