How to Ship a Washer and Dryer

ship washer and dryer

When shipping large appliances such as a clothes washer and dryer, proper packing is the key to ensure that your shipment will arrive in good condition.

Some shipping companies will do the packing of the appliances for you but if you have to do it by yourself, here are some tips which could help you pack and ship a washer and dryer system and do it the right way:

1. Disconnect the washer and dryer from the electric and water source. Consult your owner’s manual on how to do this properly to avoid accidents and damages.

2. Wipe the washer and dryer with a clean and dry cloth and make sure that there is no water or moisture inside the drum.

3. Detach cables, wires, and hoses if possible and bundle them in a coil following the natural curve. Tie cables, wires, and hoses with twist-ties and place separately in labeled plastic bags.  You may tape the bags inside the drum to avoid getting misplaced.

4. Secure the drum of the washer with tape to prevent it from moving or spinning during transport.  Movements during transit may cause damages to the unit.

5. Also tape all doors shut before shipping the appliances.

6. It is safest to ship the washer and dryer in its original packaging as this will provide the best protection for the appliances. If the original packaging is not available, you may purchase boxes from a shipping supply company.

7. Make sure to provide ample padding and protection by using a lot of bubble wrap, foam pads, and packing peanuts.

8. Seal the boxes securely and properly label them.

9. Call your trusted shipping company and make arrangements for pickup.

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