How to Ship a Pet Abroad

shipping pets abroad

Shipping a live animal, especially a pet, is a difficult task. International shipping of pets usually involves air transportation which can be very stressful for both the animal and the worrisome owner. Here are some tips on how to ship a pet abroad:

Each country also has its own rules and regulations regarding the entry of live animals in their territory. Some may deny your animal entry while others may require an extended quarantine period for the pet.

To make the task a little less bothersome, it is best to get the services of an international pet shipping company when moving pets overseas. These companies employ professional and experienced staff who know the international laws and regulations for animal shipping.  They will do the dirty tasks for you such as filing the appropriate papers and keeping your pet safe during travel.

To make sure that your animal will be allowed entry on the new destination, contact the country’s consulate and ask about their specific animal transport laws. If such shipment is allowed, prepare the animal for the long trip.

Start crate-training your pet as soon as possible. The animal will be spending most of its time in a crate during the shipping process so you want to make the travel kennel as comfortable as possible for your pet.

Bring your pet to the veterinarian for a check-up and have all the necessary shots and vaccines given to the animal. Also, ask your vet to write a letter verifying your pet is suited for international pet shipping. If your vet deems that your pet is not healthy enough to travel, take his advice.  The stressful shipping process might be detrimental to your pet’s health.

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