Helpful Tips When Shipping a Pram

Ship a Pram Pram is short for perambulator, a wheeled baby carrier introduced in the Victorian era. Compared to a stroller which carries a child in sitting position, a pram usually has a flat, cushioned bottom which comfortably accommodates a lying or sleeping child who is not yet able to sit up.

Built higher and with more space than strollers, traditional prams feature larger wheels for smoother motion, wide retractable canopies for sun protection and a classic look that denotes luxury and comfort. They are also made from heavier materials and are usually not collapsible. These features make the pram sturdier but bulkier and difficult to transport.

Because of its size, shipping a pram may seem like a tedious process. Knowing how to pack it properly, however, may make shipping a pram less burdensome. Here are some tips on how to properly pack and ship a pram.

Make the pram as small as possible by retracting the canopy or adjusting the height to the lowest (if model permits). Wrap exposed or protruding parts like the handle bars in bubble wrap and secure with tape. Also lock the wheels to prevent movements.

For prams that have detachable carrycot or other parts, you may opt to pack and ship them separately in smaller boxes or keep them together in one package. Just make sure that all parts are secured.

Use the original packaging and box the pram came in with. This will ensure that the item is secured and well protected during transit. If the original packaging is not available, use a box that is large enough to accommodate the pram and allow for extra space for packing materials.

Make sure to use a box that is strong enough to carry the weight of the prom. Fill any space between the pram and the box with packing materials such as air pillows and Styrofoam boards and pads. Ensure that the pram is immobile in the center of the box. Close and seal the package with packaging tape.

Have the package picked up by your carrier or bring it yourself to the shipping company. Make sure to insure a valuable pram to cover your expenses in case of loss or damage during shipping.

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