Shipping a Mandoline: A Guide

How to Ship a Mandolin A mandoline, also known as a manual slicer, is a handy kitchen gadget used for slicing and for cutting fruits and vegetables. It works by manually running a piece of food along an adjustable inclined plane into one or more blades. The blade can be adjusted to produce slices in a variety of thicknesses. mandolines are usually made from plastic or metal body and stainless steel blades.

Depending on models, some mandolines also have a vertical blade apart from horizontal one, allowing it to instantly cut food items into julienne. There are also mandolines that include different attachments such as a grater or a wavy blade that produces crinkle cuts and waffle cuts if food is run at different angles every time it passes the blade.

The blades of a mandoline can come integrated into the device or as detachable accessories. Integrated blades are usually adjusted using knobs and levers. The device also comes with a hand guard (sometimes called pusher) which secures food for stable slicing and protects the user from getting accidental cuts from the sharp blades.

When shipping a mandoline, it must be properly packed to ensure that the device and its blades are well protected and will not get damaged during transit. Here are some tips on how to properly pack and ship a mandoline.

If the original packaging is available, use it at all costs to pack your mandoline. The original box is designed to provide optimum protection to the device and its accompanying accessories. To keep them secured, place blades or any detachable parts inside a plastic bag before placing inside the original box.

Make sure that all items are snug inside the box and do not move or collide with each other. You may use bubble wrap to fill empty spaces withing the box and prevent any movement. Once sure that there is no movement, close and seal the original box with packaging tape.

Double box the package inside a slightly larger box. Fill the empty spaces between two boxes to prevent movement. Close the outer box and seal with packaging tape.

Address and label the package and bring it to your local post office or shipping company.

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