Guide: How to Properly Pack and Ship a Jump Rope

How to ship jump rope

A jump rope, also called skipping rope, is a handy exercise equipment used for cardiovascular fitness, toning muscle and calorie burning. It is inexpensive and portable, making it popular among fitness buffs who are always on the go.

This simple device is typically made of a length of rope with handles on both ends. The rope can be made from a variety of materials including braided cotton, leather nylon and vinyl strings. A beaded jump rope has polyethylene beads on the cord to make it more durable, help hold the arc for slow turning, and create a regular, rhythmic sound as the beads hit the ground. The colored beads also help create visual effects during performances or competitions.

While generally sturdy and light-weight, a jump rope must still be properly packed to prevent tangles and bends during shipping. Here are some tips on how to properly pack and ship a jump rope.

Gather the two handles and bind with a rubber band. Neatly roll the cord by making a loop and threading the rest of the rope in the circle. For a beaded rope, gather it in a neat bundle and secure in a plastic bag.

Place the jump rope inside a box with packing materials on the bottom. Fill remaining empty spaces on the sides and top with more fillers to prevent movement.

Close and seal the box with packaging tape. Address and label the package and take to the post office or shipping company.

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