Important Considerations When Shipping a Ring

How to ship a ring

A rings is a type of jewelry, traditionally made from precious metals but can also be of other materials such as stone, wood, bone, or glass, and worn on a finger. They can be plain or set with a gem such as diamond, ruby, sapphire, pearl, emerald or other precious stones. Apart from being a fashionable accessory, a ring can symbolize many things such as an indication of one’s engagement or marital status.

Rings are popular gifts for various occasions including birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, and other important milestones. Aside from the popular engagement and wedding rings, other ring types include class ring, graduation ring, eternity ring, friendship ring, mood ring, and birthstone ring.

When shipping a ring or any other piece of valuable jewelry, it must be packed properly to protect the item from damage as well as from sticky hands in the post office. To avoid your valuable jewelry from getting damaged or stolen, here are some tips on how to properly pack and ship a ring.

Are you shipping jewelry as part of your eBay business? Or sending rings to a jewelry shop for engraving. Or just simply sending an heirloom piece to your grand daughter in another state? Here are some valuable tips on how to ship jewelry safely to its destination without getting lost or stolen.

Wrap the ring in tissue paper and place in a cushioned box. Make sure that it is secured in the box and does not move around.

Double box the package and make it as inconspicuous as possible by using a nondescript box that does not contain markings or labels of jewelry stores or luxury brands. Fill any remaining space inside the box with packing materials. This is to prevent rattling and any clues that a smaller (jewelry) box is inside.

Seal the shipping box with reinforced packaging tape. Tape all corners and edges of the box. Stamp or mark the tape so that any tampering will be evident.

Be careful when addressing the package. Never use words that indicate that the package contains jewelry or valuables. Make sure that you have the proper address for your shipment to prevent it from landing into the wrong hands.

Take the package to the post office or shipping company. Make sure to use a shipping option with tracking service and requires a signature by the recipient. This will provide a detailed paper trail of the package in case it gets lost or stolen.

For high-value shipments, always consider purchasing insurance from the shipping company. It is also a good idea to document the contents of your package prior to shipping. These will come in handy in case you need to make a claim for lost or damaged shipments.

Also notify the recipient that a package has been shipped and give the expected date of delivery to make sure that someone is around and can receive the package when it arrives.

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