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How to Ship a Fire Pit

shipping a fire pit

A fire pit is a great addition to a backyard, providing warmth during cold nights and a place to gather around for some homemade s’ mores. Traditional pits can be made from rustic bricks or natural stones. Portable pits, made from metal and readily available from home stores, are also gaining popularity because they can be used immediately without the need for complicated installation.

While they are generally sturdy, metal fire pits still require proper packing to avoid scratches, dents and other damages during shipping. Their sizes and weights can sometimes become a challenge but can be dealt with easily by knowing the proper techniques of packing and shipping a fire pit. Here are some tips on how to properly pack and ship a fire pit.

Store-bought fire pits are best shipped in their original boxes or crates. If the original packaging is no longer available, regular shipping boxes or homemade crates can be used. The size and weight of the pit is a major consideration when deciding whether to box or crate. Heavier and bulkier fire pits are best crated while smaller and lighter ones can be easily shipped in a box.

Measure your fire pit to get an idea of what size of the box to purchase or how big a crate to build. Either method, add extra spaces on all sides for packing materials.

Disassemble the fire pit to make it smaller. This can involve simply unscrewing legs or unlocking latches to remove a bowl from its frame. Wrap each part generously with bubble wrap. Place any screws, nut, or bolts in a Ziploc and seal. Don’t forget to wrap accessories like pokers, screen lid, grill, etc, as well. Pointed parts like the ends of poker or feet of the frame must be well-padded to prevent them from puncturing the cardboard box.

Arranged the wrapped parts of the fire pit inside the box/crate with bottoms and sides lined with bubble wrap or foam board. Use more bubble wrap or foam boards to fill empty spaces and to prevent the parts from banging into each other. The package should be well-packed such that the fire pit and its parts do not have space to move or shift within the box/crate.

Place a final layer of bubble wrap or foam board on top of the box and seal it with packaging tape. Secure the bottom flaps and seams with tape as well. Alternatively, screw the lid on the crate securely.

Address and label the box/crate and take to a shipping company or post office.

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