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How to Ship Banana Bread

How to Ship Banana Bread

Banana bread is an all-time favorite baked product. Because it is easy to prepare, almost everyone’s mom or grandma has a special banana bread recipe that brings out the best childhood memories. The banana bread is also one of the more “sturdy” baked items that can withstand the rigors of shipping as long as it is properly packed.

However, caution should still be practiced when shipping banana bread because it is a perishable item that can get contaminated and go bad when exposed to the elements. If you are planning to send some banana bread to a loved one from far away, here are some tips on how to properly pack and ship banana bread to ensure that it arrives in its destination fresh and in the best condition.

Allow the loaf or loaves of banana bread to cool completely before packing. Condensation formed from packing the baked goods while still warm can encourage bacterial growth and shorten their shelf life.

Wrap each banana bread loaf in a couple of layers of kitchen plastic wrap, making sure that the entire loaf is well-wrapped and the plastic forms a tight seal. Then, wrap each loaf in aluminum foil, crimping the ends to seal.

Place the wrapped banana bread in a sturdy plastic food container that snugly accommodates the loaf and leaves little spare room for it to slide around. A larger container can be used when shipping several loaves in one package. Neatly stack the loaves and fill gaps with bubble wrap to prevent movement.

Get a slightly larger cardboard shipping box and line the bottom with Styrofoam pads or packing peanuts. Place the container with banana bread inside the box and fill the sides with packing peanuts, foam pads or bubble wrap so that the container will stay in place. Top the box with more packing materials before closing. Seal the package with heavy-duty tape.

Address and label the package with “Perishable” and take to your local post office of the shipping company. Choose the fastest service to ensure that the banana bread will arrive fresh. Do not ship perishables near the weekends or holidays to avoid the package from getting stuck in a holding facility.

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