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How to Ship a Digital Piano

How to ship a digital piano

Aside from having a variety of sound features, digital pianos are also more portable than acoustic pianos making it a popular choice among music lovers. Despite being light weight, however, shipping a portable piano still requires careful packaging and planning. Here are simple tips on how to successfully ship a digital piano.

Start packing your portable piano by disassembling it according to the instruction manual.

Bubble wrap bigger parts and arrange them neatly in the original box.  If you do not have the original box, use any large box that can accommodate your piano.

Put small hinges and screws into a small plastic bag and seal with packing tape to avoid loss. Place the bag inside the box together with the other piano parts.

Tape the box securely.  Address the box and put labels such as “Fragile” and “Handle with Care.”

Measure and weigh your package to ensure that it meets weight and size requirements for shipping.

Take the package to your local shipping company.

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