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How to Ship a Crystal Vase

shipping a crystal vase

Just like any other glass item, crystal vases are fragile not to mention expensive. If not handled properly, these intricately cut wonders can get scratches, cracks, or worse, shatter into pieces.

The following are simple and easy-to-follow tips on how to properly pack and ship a crystal vase so that it doesn’t arrive in its destination in an expensive mess of shattered glass.

Get an appropriately-sized sturdy shipping box that can accommodate the vase and leave at least an inch or two of space on all sides.

Layer 1-2 inches of foam packing peanuts in the bottom of the box.

Insert some bubble wrap inside the vase. This will cushion the glass from the interior opening.

Then cover the entire vase with several layers of bubble wrap.  Make sure that every part of the vase is well wrapped including the bottom and the rim.

Use clear packing tape to secure the bubble wrap around the vase.  The wrap should not get loose around the vase while the package is in transit so use a lot of tapes.

Carefully place the crystal vase inside the box.  It must be in the center so that there is a more or less equal amount of extra space on every side.

Fill the box with more foam packaging peanuts to the top. These packing materials will provide protection on all sides of the package.

Close the cardboard flaps on the top of the box and seal with strips of packaging tape to secure the flaps in place.

Give the box a gentle shake to see if the item inside is moving around. If not, the item is secured and safe for shipping.  If there are movements, re-open the box and put more packing peanuts so that the empty spaces are filled up. Close and secure again with tape.

Address and label the package. Use a permanent ink marker to write the words “Fragile” and “Handle with Care” on all sides of the box so that the shipping courier will handle the package with extra care.

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