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Useful Techniques on How to ship Bonsai trees

ship bonsai trees

An increasing number of people are getting hooked on taking care of Bonsai trees. These miniature living works of art are fascinating and taking care of them is an extremely rewarding pastime.

Many Bonsai enthusiasts from far away locations have been exchanging trees via mail to expand their collections.  Shipping Bonsai trees thru USPS is a simple task but certain precautions must be observed to ensure that the tree s arrive safely and healthy. Here are simple steps on how to ship Bonsai trees via mail.

First, make sure that it is not illegal to ship live plants on the location you are shipping to by checking the regulations and restrictions for shipping plants at your local post office or shipping company you plan to use.

When there are no restrictions, prepare your Bonsai tree for packing. Remove the Bonsai from its pot and remove any soil.

Wrap the roots in moist (but not soaked) peat moss and place in plastic sandwich bags.  Secure the bags with tie bands.

Place the tree in upright position in a shipping box that is not too big nor too small. A box which can accommodate the tree without cramming the branches and leave some extra space for packing material is the best option.

Fill the empty spaces with packing peanuts to prevent the tree from moving around the box which can cause injuries and break the branches or even the trunk.

Close the box and seal with packing tape.

Put address and labels on the sides of the package. Write “Live Plants,” “This End Up” and “Fragile” using a permanent ink marker.

Take to the post office and mail using the fastest option if possible.

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