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Packing Tape Dispenser – A Shipper’s Handy Tool

Shipping supplies - Packaging tape  Dispenser

A handheld tape dispenser is a valuable tool when sealing shipping boxes.  It makes the task easier, faster and ensures that the tape adheres properly to the flaps and seams of the box, creating a well-sealed and secured package.  It eliminates the irritating task of looking for the tape’s end and peeling it off from the roll.  The convenient serrated blade at the front easily cuts the tape without the need for a pair of scissors and an extra hand. Here are tips on using the packing tape dispenser properly:

After you are done packing, close the box while making sure that the flaps are flush.

Take packing tape dispenser by the handle and position the front of the dispenser at the back of the box, about two inches down from the top.

Press the tape against the box, making sure that the tape adheres. Then, pull the handle toward you to run the tape along the seam where the flaps meet.

If the flaps are not flushed, you might need to push in from the left or right side of the box, to bring the flaps closer together. Run the dispenser and the tape along the seam and then down the front of the box, about two inches.

To cut the tape with the dispenser’s blade, push the handle forward and down.

Ensure that the tape lays flat and adheres well to the box by rubbing it with your hand or the bottom of the dispenser. This will create a more secured seal.

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