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Golf Bag Shipping – Hassle-Free Way to Travel to Your Golfing Destination

shipping golf bag

Why lug your own heavy golf bags when you can have it picked up and delivered to your golfing destination ahead of time? Golf bag shipping is fast becoming popular among golfing enthusiasts who do not want to worry about their golf sets when traveling to play the sport. This service eliminates the need to lug the heavy stuff yourself, line up for baggage security checks and retrieve them at airport baggage carousels.  Because you don’t have to worry about your golf set, you can relax and just concentrate on your game strategy. Best of all, you don’t strain your shoulder so you can perform better at the link.

To have your golf bag shipped to your destination, just go online and search for a golf bag shipping or baggage shipping company that services your area.

You can call them up or book online and schedule a pickup. You will have to provide your pick-up and delivery address, as well as your credit card information.

Place your order in advance to avoid additional charges.  Expedited processing may come with a premium.

The company will then send you a shipping kit which include the airway bills and shipping container where you will place your golf bag. To be safe, place your golf bag in a light soft travel cover bag before placing it into the provided shipping container.

Before packing your clubs inside the golf bag, protect them with head covers to provide cushioning, and help prevent scratches. Also, cover club shafts with plastic tubes or wrap them in bubble wrap.

The company will pick the package up on the date you specified and transport it to your golfing destination within 2 to 7 days, depending on the location. Most golf bag shipping companies service both local and selected international destinations.

Golf bag shipping rates are based on the distance between the pickup and delivery locations.

The maximum weight allowed for U.S. domestic and international shipment of a golf bag is 33 pounds. Package weighing over this limit will incur additional charges.

Do not put any flammable or other hazardous materials or dangerous equipment that normally are not allowed on an airplane inside your golf bag to avoid delays and fines.

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